Monday, March 8, 2010

Hunan Plans for Power from New Energy to Reach 18.45 Gigawatts by 2020

BEIJING--March 8, 2010--Researched by Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)--Central China's Hunan province recently published the Stimulation Plan for New Energy Industry (2010-20), the Development and Reform Commission of Hunan Province announced March 3, 2010. According to the Plan, the installed capacity of new energy (excluding hydropower) in Hunan province will reach 18.45 gigawatts (GW) by 2020, accounting for about 35% of total installed capacity; the accumulative direct investment in new energy will reach about $44 billion; and the sales income from new energy equipment will exceed $73 billion.

Hunan has a proven uranium ore reserve of 26,000 tons, ranking the province third in China; a fundamental reserve of coal gangue resource of 1.07 million tons, accounting for 30% of the proven reserve in China. The province is also rich in resources such as coal-bed methane, biomass energy, wind power, and solar energy.

According to the plan, utilization of new energy will be focused on nuclear power, with diversified development in biomass, solar and wind energy. Among the 18.45 GW of installed capacity in new energy, there are 9.6 GW of nuclear power, 4 GW of coal gangue utilization, 2.3 GW of pumped-storage, 0.65 GW of wind power, and 1 GW of biomass power generation facilities. The province will try the best to begin construction of the 4,000-megawatt Phase I project of Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Station within this year, and to have the Phase I of Xiaomoshan Nuclear Power Station be included in the nation's nuclear power development plan. In addition, a batch of waste-to-energy projects, and a batch of wind power projects in the Dongting Lake, South Hunan and West Hunan regions will be built. The province also will begin implementation of its Roof Development Plan and the Golden Sun Program.

In the aspect of new energy equipment industry, the province will mainly focus on wind power equipment, solar energy equipment, thermal pumps, and hydrogen energy equipment. With XEMC Wind Power Company Limited (Xiangtan, Hunan) as the backbone enterprise, large wind-power generating sets will be developed; a gigawatt-level, crystal-silicon photovoltaic industry chain will be established; and the development of nuclear power related pumps, valves and vessels as well as energy-conservative industrial boilers and hydrogen-based equipment will be promoted.

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