Friday, March 5, 2010

Topray Solar Gets RMB 70m Golden Sun Subsidy

Shenzhen-based solar component company Topray Solar (002218.SZ) announced March 3 that its Shaanxi subsidiary has received an RMB 70 million subsidy from the government as part of the "Golden Sun" incentive program for Topray's 10MW photovoltaic project in Pucheng, Shaanxi province.

In October 2009, Topray Solar began to generate electricity from the first, 100KW solar module phase of its 10MW Shaanxi project.

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kimberly said...

Solar energy is the best natural resource that we have this time even more that fuel is too expensive. In fact i want to approach costa rica investment opportunities and look all the alternative this country can have because it climate. We must to find the way to save our planet and to use solar energy could be the first step.

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