Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ceradyne Opens Second Solar Energy Ceramic-Related Factory in Tianjin

On 19 Jan 11 Ceradyne announced the opening of its new 218,000-square-foot factory in Tianjin. This newly constructed facility will produce high-purity ceramic crucibles for the forming of large polysilicon ingots for use in the manufacturing of PV silicon solar cells.

The new facility is located on Ceradyne's 13.7-acre plot in the Tianjin Airport Economic Area. The operation will be run by Ceradyne Chinese executives and engineers who have been trained by U.S.-based Ceradyne Thermo Materials' management.

Bruce Lockhart, Ceradyne Vice President responsible for the Company's solar energy efforts, commented: "This is a very exciting event for Ceradyne and particularly for Ceradyne Thermo Materials. It was only three and a half years ago that we opened the first crucible factory in Tianjin for the development and manufacture of high-technology ceramic crucibles to meet our Chinese customers' requirements."

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