Monday, March 5, 2012

China's Solar Capacity Led By Qinghai Province

China's energy market should be analyzed at the provincial level and below. Beijing-level policy matters, of course, but implementation is the at the heart of whether China is succeeding in developing a domestic solar market or not.

I have written before that Qinghai's solar market has the potential to lead the nation. On 2 March, the provincial energy bureau has released numbers that back this up. PV stations across the province now have an installed generating capacity of over 1,000 MW, placing it as the country's leading solar power base. Last year, the province, Qinghai approved 42 PV projects. Forty of them have ben completed, posting a combined capacity of 953 MW.

The city of Golmud alone has 23 solar PV power generating companies that have built photovoltaic power stations with a gross installed capacity of 570 MW. The figure will top 1,000 MW by the end of this year, with another 500 MW to be installed in the coming months, according to the stats released on 2 March.

Qinghai's efforts to build a massive photovoltaic power generation base began in May 2009, when a company run by the State Grid Corp, China's largest power grid operator, signed a deal with the Golmud city government on a 200 MW PV power station.

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